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Our Mission

By creating the world’s most accessible way to acquire more than basic education, which will give them a stand in the world of entrepreneurship, we will empower every person in the world to break all barriers to learning.


Imagine a world where language, distance, and walls are no longer barriers to education. A world where anyone can learn any essential skill to be used anywhere in the world regardless of cultural differences. A world where you can access free tutorials and be certified to work in the field wherever you want. That is the world we want to create.

At Dummy Class, we sport expert courses that are video, audio, and e-book based and make them accessible to you wherever you are.

Collins is an introvert and doesn’t do so well in class. XYZ College is usually in need of professional teachers but cannot find any. QRT Ventures is looking for an excellent way to teach their apprentices while focusing on customers’ demands.

So, these people, and you need to find a distant expert teacher that will take care of everything right from a screen, a speaker or a book. That is Dummy Class.


Our Story

Dummy Class aims to bring education to the most remote places and persons locally and globally. 

Dummy Class is a collaborative effort to make learning easy and productive for students in all walks of life. 

In 2019, a new viral disease disrupted the world and made many people, as well as companies, consider working remotely. Many people were laid off work, and in many lands, students are locked in their homes. 

Dummy Class is developed for you. We will give you the courses that are suitable for your curriculum, apprenticeship, and tutorial. You can use the training materials in school, at home, or any conference (workplace).

Because there are thousands of work areas today, there are several categories you can learn from. We will continue to improve the courses from expert teachers all around the world to enable billions of people around the world to get the right education and knowledge they need to stand out in the ever-competitive world.

While we recognize that this ambitious goal takes years to accomplish, we take pleasure in knowing that we would help you, your friends, your classmates, and every other person to come to school at home. We improve every day for you to improve every day.


You need more than the basics to stand out in this world. You need the best.
Come to school without walls, exams, or bells.
Learn when you want, earn when you will at Dummy Class. Welcome to your new class!

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