Our mission at Dummy Class is to create the world’s most accessible way to acquire more than basic education, to give you a stand in the world of entrepreneurship, to empower every person in the world to break all barriers to learning.
The opportunities for learning are boundless!

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about Dummy Class. Below are answers.

Dummy Class consists several new on-demand skills that you can enroll at your own pace. You can begin the course any time you like, online or offline. There are no deadlines to complete the courses.
You can access courses from several different devices and platforms. You can order a flash drive that exclusively contains the course you enrolled on checkout. Note that shipping fees will be incurred if you choose this option.
After you enroll in a course, you can either wait for the delivery of your flash drive, or access it online by clicking on the course link you will receive in your confirmation email, provided you’re logged into your Dummy Class account. You can also begin the course by logging in and navigating to your My Courses page.

Each class you attend on Dummy Class is created and managed by the teacher under the auspices of the authorities of Dummy Class.
Each class can come in form of videos, slides, text (eBooks), or even audiobooks. The best form of the courses is determined by the teacher and the subject type.
Each course is vetted and overviewed by the authorities before publishing to the websites to ensure the highest quality possible. You can search the website to find courses you may be interested in. Note that the courses available on Dummy Class are exclusives and will not be available on any other platform. All the courses are skills acquisition based and will require practical.

As noted above, there are no deadlines to begin or complete the course. Even after you complete the course, you can always go back to it. Once you pay for a course, it becomes yours provided that your account is in good standing, and Dummy Class continues to have a license to the course.

Dummy Class is not an accredited institution, and is not affiliated to any institution in Nigeria. Nonetheless, we offer skills-based courses taught by experts in their field, and every approved, paid course features a Dummy Class certificate of completion.
You can save your Certificates as a .pdf or .jpg file so that you can easily share and use anywhere as part of your accomplishment.

Yes, you can! Aside from reading the overview and seeing the curriculum of each course, you can start a free preview and get a sales video for each course available on Dummy Class.

If you have purchased a course, we are sorry, you cannot unpay. You must check the overview and ensure that it is what you want before you pay. We do not have a return policy. If you have any complaint, contact us.

If you have any other questions about Dummy Class, you can contact support by clicking here.